Your Norwegian partner for Life Sciences Search and Recruitment since 2009.

Borka Consulting is a boutique executive search firm exclusively dedicated to the life science industry.

As an independent agency, we work with a limited number of clients, unlike larger firms. This ensures that we can provide extra attention and dedication to your needs, giving your organization the attention it deserves.

We take pride in our commitment to delivering optimal results for our clients in search and recruitment. Our goal is to identify and attract the most qualified talent in a competitive job market where access to specialized expertise can be challenging.

Our experienced recruitment consultants manage the entire process from start to finish. With backgrounds as former professionals in the life science industry, we have assisted our clients in finding talent within this sector for over 15 years.

We place great emphasis on achieving credibility by treating candidates and clients with integrity and respect.

Our recruitment capabilities extend across Norway, the Nordics, and Europe, thanks to our dedicated partners in Life Sciences.
As a member of INRALS, the only worldwide network in the life sciences industry, we have a unique ability to find talent across borders.

Borka Consulting was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in the Oslo Area


NORDIC – Search and Recruitment

We believe that local knowledge is vital when recruiting in the different markets in the Nordics!

With strategically located offices in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway, we provide comprehensive coverage across the Nordics. Our dedicated recruitment consultants, based in each individual Nordic country, possess an in-depth understanding of the local market dynamics. This localized expertise allows us to tailor our approach and deliver superior results.

Nordic Presence – Local Knowledge

  • 20 experienced consultants
  • One contact – local coordinator
  • Time efficiency & Quality Assurance
  • Consistent process – transparent price strategy

If you are seeking talent here in Norway or in the Nordics, feel free to reach out to our Nordic team.

Oslo (Norway) – Stockholm (Sweden) – Gothenburg (Sweden) – Helsingborg (Sweden) – Copenhagen (Denmark) – Aalborg (Denmark) – Helsinki (Finland)
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International Network of Recruitment Agencies in Life Sciences

INRALS is a unique, global network which consists of independent, privately owned life-science recruitment firms in more than 20 countries.

All INRALS members have in common that they are experts in the life-science industries and merely focus on the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical devices, and diagnostics industries.

The network reserved its right to set high qualifying criteria for new members who will be assessed by several members. This is due to the high standards of quality criteria that need to be met by every member and that are regularly monitored. It is through this high quality standards that INRALS consists exclusively of local leading recruitment firms in their home countries. We are very proud of being the Norwegian representative at INRALS. More info at www.inrals.com

INRALS brings together Recruitment and Outsourcing Agencies that are active in Life Sciences. In today’s global markets, multinationals exhibit a strong preference for internationally organized recruitment agencies, which forms a significant challenge to nationally organized agencies. INRALS aims to meet this challenge by providing a platform for international collaboration as well as informal exchange of know-how and experience.

Companies associated with INRALS have strong links with pharmaceutical & medical industries. These agencies are characterized by high success rates, quality procedures, stability, proven track records, profound knowledge of the markets they serve and high moral standards.
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«Life Sciences Norge»

«Life Sciences Norge« at LinkedIn is the largest network in the Life Sciences Industry in Norway